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Only Flora and Fauna?

bunniesQ: Suppose everyone in this planet will not take birth again because they have attained liberation, does that mean the planet will be empty of human beings but only be occupied by flora and fauna? Is this condition possible?

Individual spirits (jivas) are coming into manifestation all the time in the most basic form and evolving upward in ever more complex forms throughout the cycles (kalpas) of creation until as human beings they attain liberation from earthly rebirth.

And then, since this world is only the first of the seven levels (lokas) that comprise relative existence (samsara), they have many more creations cycles to keep evolving until they eventually attain total union with God (Brahman).

So some are entering at one end and others are leaving at the other. It never stops. There has never been a beginning to this process and there never will be an end. It is as eternal as God, because it is all the manifestation of God.

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