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Chapter Fifteen: Nocturnal Emissions

Swami Sivananda youngMany young men are troubled by wet dreams or nocturnal emissions. Even if a few of the hints in the following pages are observed, an aspirant will develop the correct attitude to life and will lead a disciplined spiritual life and ultimately attain supreme bliss.

If there is occasional discharge, you need not be alarmed a bit. This may be due to heat in the body, or the pressure of loaded bowels or bladder on the seminal bags. This is not a pathological condition. You should not be afraid of this. You should not mind if the discharge of semen is very occasional. You need not worry about it. This is a slight flushing of the apparatus or a periodical cleansing through a slight overflow from the reservoir in which the semen is stored up. This act may not be attended with evil thoughts. The person may not be aware of the event during the night. Occasional discharges are of no consequence, but frequent nocturnal pollutions cause depression of spirits, debility, dyspepsia, low spirits, loss of memory, severe pain in the back, headache, burning of the eyes, drowsiness and burning sensation at urination or during the flow of semen. The semen becomes very thin.

Causes and consequences

Such emissions may be due to various causes like constipation, a loaded stomach, irritation-producing or wind-producing food, impure thoughts and long self-abuse done in ignorance.

Seminal weakness, nocturnal emissions, lascivious dreams and all other effects of an immoral life will surely lead one to a miserable state of living if not checked immediately. This is accomplished through the practice of yoga. Nasti Yogat Param Balam. There is no strength higher than that of yoga. The different methods given in this book will enable you to get success if practiced regularly. Lead a simple, natural life. You will become all right soon. Understand the laws of nature, the principles of hygiene and health. Do not trespass against the laws of health.

A warning against evil sex habits and outbursts of anger

Avoid all kinds of self-abuse. They drain away your vital energy and leave you like a dead man or like the sugar-cane from which the juice has been extracted. Virya is indeed a priceless possession. Do not waste it for the sake of a momentary excitement and sensation.

Give up the evil habit at once. You will be entirely ruined if you continue the practice. Open your eyes. Wake up now. Become wise. Shun evil company. Do not cut jokes with women. Practice chaste look. Up to this time you were blind and ignorant. You were in the dark. You had no idea of the disastrous effects of this evil practice. You will lose your eyesight. You will have dimness of vision. You will have shattered nerves.

Do not look at the reproductive indriya. Do not also touch the generative organ with your hands now and then. This will aggravate your Kama vasana. When it gets erection, repeat ‘Om’ mentally and attentively. [See Om Yoga Meditation–editor.] Think of purity. The cloud of impurity will pass off soon.

Sexual excesses and outbursts of anger and hatred should be given up. If the mind is kept cool and calm at all times, you will have wonderful health, strength and virility. Energy is depleted by fits of anger. The cells and tissues are filled with morbid poisonous materials when one loses his temper and entertains deep hatred. Various sorts of physical ailments crop up. The blood becomes hot and thin, and consequently, night pollution results. Various sorts of nervous diseases are attributable to excessive loss of the seminal energy and frequent fits of explosive anger or wrath.

Get up before 4 a.m.

Night pollution generally occurs in the fourth quarter of the night. Those who are in the habit of getting up from bed between 3 and 4 a.m. and doing japa and dhyana avoid this. Make it a point to get up at least at 4 a.m. regularly.

It is helpful to always wear a Langoti or Kaupin or loin cloth rather than the Western type of underwear. This will help you in keeping brahmacharya.

Japa and meditation

Practice japa and meditation in the morning, as soon as you get up, for an hour or two or even three. Also, meditate for a while before sleeping. This is a great purifier. This will strengthen the mind and the nerves. This is the best remedy.

Some helpful suggestions

Purify the mind by cultivating devotion to God. Do japa and meditation. Study spiritual books. Pray to God. Observe brahmacharya. Do not mix unnecessarily with women. See only the Divine Mother in them. Develop Atma-bhava in all.

Avoid bad company and evil conversation. Overcome laziness and always keep the body and mind engaged in some useful work. Keeping the mind constantly engaged is one of the great secrets of brahmacharya. Lead a disciplined, active life. When bad thoughts appear in the mind, repeat the Name of God and pray to Him. Ultimately, the Lord’s divine grace and helping hand is the sure antidote for all diseases. Rely on God. Be devoted to purity and piety. Cherish sublime thoughts. Read sacred literature. Naught shall assail you.

Meditate on the advantages of celibacy. Think of the lives of akhanda brahmacharins. Think of the evils of a sensual life: loss of health, shame, disease and death. Cultivate discrimination. You are the child of the Lord of the universe. Bliss is within you. There is not an iota of pleasure in sense objects. Dissociate yourself from the body; identify yourself with the Lord. If your mind is pure and healthy, your body too will be pure and healthy. Therefore, forget the past and take to a new, better life of virtue and spirituality, love of God and aspiration for the higher divine life. Learn to find taste in divine life. Do more sadhana with greater intensity. You will be a completely changed and blessed person.

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