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Karma and Reincarnation: Fundamental Spiritual Laws

Reincarnation: Birth and Death

Q: How important is belief in karma and reincarnation?

Comprehending the two principles of karma and rebirth is not needful just because they are facts of universal life, but because they give us a right perspective on all facets of life itself. Without knowledge of these two fundamental laws, a “working” concept of ourselves and our lives is impossible. Seeing ourselves as fundamentally evolving consciousnesses confined in bodies and an environment whose only real purpose is evolution, we will naturally shape our lives accordingly and deal with our life experiences within that greater context.

We will also realize that “salvation” is not a matter of being stamped “approved” or “passed” as though we were nothing more than USDA-inspected carcasses. Most important we will comprehend that there is actually no such thing as approval or disapproval on God’s part. It all lies in our hands. We alone must determine our future by the way we deal with the present. We can learn and graduate, or refuse to learn and be sent back again and again until we do. God is patient. He has eternity–and so do we.

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