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Dreams: What Are They and How Should We Relate to Them?

 To someone who wrote asking about the nature of dreams and any relationship between and dreams and meditation.

Dreams are the subconscious mind talking to itself and usually reflect moments of the previous day that for some reason caught its attention.

Authentic meditation affects the entire life of the yogi including his dreams. Just how that will manifest is a purely individual matter.

Sometimes the yogi will dream glimpses of the future. I went through a period where I dreamed fragments of things that would happen almost exactly six months later. Then things settled down to a more random schedule. Often at a moment in the present I will remember vividly dreaming that moment at some time in the past. The thing is, nearly all these moments are of no real significance at all. So it is good to leave dreams to their own level and move ahead.

Nevertheless, there are superconscious dreams which are significant and may reveal to the yogi certain aspects of his present spiritual situation. But even they should not be given an exaggerated importance. Sadhana alone really matters in the final analysis.

The wise yogi simply notes his dreams and lives and concentrates on his waking life–especially his sadhana.

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