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Breaking False Spiritual Bonds

Broken Chains - freedom from false gurus

To some people that found after twenty years that the guru they had been following was a fraud.

First of all, please accept my deep and sincere sympathy for this terrible shock that has come to you. I myself followed with total faith more than one false guru and practiced several worthless yogas that led nowhere. So I know your suffering.

It was not any external person or factor that led you to seek God, but your own divine Self. Therefore I ask you to not let this discourage you. In similar situations, many people have simply given up the search for liberated consciousness, but that is a grave mistake. They were seeking God, and God is still there and still to be sought and found.

Please only do what your heart, your inner Self, tells you. But I would like to share with you what I have found to be true:

  1. God alone is the Guru. Anyone who claims to be a guru is either sincerely mistaken or a fraud. In no case should they be listened to.
  2. You are an irrevocable part of the Infinite being; your divine Self cannot be taken from you. In your inmost being there is always arising the call to return to Infinity.
  3. In life we oftentimes seek for something and become disappointed in our failure to gain it. We do not quit. We find another avenue and go on. It should be the same in our spiritual life. We should turn from the mistaken endeavor and keep on seeking. There is nothing else to do, because finding God is the only purpose we shall ever have.

It took me many years and a great deal of disappointment and disillusionment, but finally I found a practice that has proved to be true, and that every day since has blessed my life. I have written about it in my book Soham Yoga: The Yoga of the Self. You might want to try it, and I will be glad to answer any questions you might have regarding it.

But do not trust my word: trust your own inner guidance.

God is yours and you are God’s.

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