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A Practical Approach to Solving Meditation Problems

MeditationQ: I have been practicing OM meditation, specifically to get through some severe anxiety and panic I suffered after an accident (and to get closer to God). I believe I am plagued by some type of oppression and have been for a long time. I am experiencing a great amount of fear now when I meditate–despite the fact that it helps me immensely.

A situation such as yours is impossible to comment on, as it can be very complex, and furthermore I am unqualified to do so.

I would advise you to consult qualified medical practitioners as they have the means to determine if your problem is physically-based. I say this especially because you say your trouble began after an accident.

This I can say: a friend of mind told me that feelings of fear and oppression can arise from probems with the adrenal glands. If for some reason they “leak” small amounts of adrenalin, the person can experience unexplained anxiety, panic, or fear. He had helped many people who thought they had a psychological problem simply by correcting the condition of the adrenals.

Diet, which determines the chemistry of the blood and cells, can also play a part in these matters, especially through food additives. Meat is often saturated with chemicals and with the toxins (including adrenalin) released by the fear and suffering of the animal when being killed.

The relaxation produced by meditation can be of help in correcting physical problems, but it is only wise to seek a medical solution in case the problem is based on a physical condition.

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