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The Power of Love to Conquer Negative Habits

We have successfully recovered the lost “Aquarian Gospel for Awakening” postings from the Google web archives after our site crash, and they can now be read in their entirety by visiting the Aquarian Gospel Introduction page and choosing any of the articles at the bottom of the page. Here is a sample of these newly restored articles.

“The news soon spread through all the land that Jesus was at home and then the people came in throngs to welcome him.

“And Matthew, one of the twelve, a man of wealth, whose home was in Capernaum, spread forth a sumptuous feast, and Jesus and the foreign masters and the twelve, and people of all shades of thought, were guests. And when the Pharisees observed that Jesus sat and ate with publicans and those of ill repute they said, For shame! This man who claims to be man of God, consorts with publicans and courtesans and with the common herd of men. For shame!

“When Jesus knew their thoughts he said, They who are well cannot be healed; the pure need not be saved. They who are well are whole; they who are pure are saved. They who love justice and do right need not repent; I came not unto them, but to the sinner I am come.” (Aquarian Gospel 119:1-7)

Anandamayi Ma: Power of LoveAnandamayi Ma

Just as a drunk, as he staggers along, often stops and sways as he looks at others who are sober and slurs: “You are drunk,” in the same way the hypocrites riddled with secret vices are always seeing the virtuous as evildoers and proclaiming them so. This is worse in the realm of religion than anywhere else.

Jesus could read the hearts of everyone, and he knew who could be touched by contact with him and enabled to turn from darkness to the light. So no matter what their present state was he freely associated with them and shepherded them into the ways of God. But the smug and self-satisfied hypocrites he avoided, so they were insulted and continually accused him publicly.

One time a resident of the Anandamayi Ashram in Varanasi was very disruptive and offensive to everyone else living there. So the next time Anandamayi Ma came to Varanasi all the ashramites complained to her vociferously about the man, who was present. Ma asked him to come over to her. When he did so, she leaned forward, embraced him and said: “When no one else wants you, how could I send you away?” And that was the end of his bad behavior.

Once when there was a festival in the same ashram an alcoholic attended, resolving not to touch alcohol the whole time. But his addiction was raging and he decided that he must go out and find some alcoholic drink. At that very moment someone knocked at his door. When he opened it he found one of Ma Anandamayi’s most respected devotees standing there. The devotee, who was a strict Brahmin that considered even touching a container of alcohol drink to be ritually defiling, handed him a bottle of whisky saying: “Ma sent me to buy this and bring it to you.” Naturally the man was in shock. When he realized that out of love for him both Ma and this man were violating fundamental principles (for Ma also was a Brahmin of the strictest order) and exposing themselves to ridicule and censure, he was so moved that never again did he drink alcohol.

Such is the healing power of love and mercy, as Jesus well knew. Another time a man came to the Varanasi ashram and began complaining about several of the residents. Finally Ma quietly said to him: “An ashram is a hospital for the spiritually sick. If you are not sick yourself, then you need not come here.” He definitely got the idea.

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