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Past Life Recall: Is It a Good or a Bad Idea?

phoenix past life recallQ: Can someone today have had “no” past lives? Could this be the start of lives?

We have many, many reincarnations in lower life forms before we ever reach human form. (See Robe of Light.) By the time we are (primitive) human beings we have no doubt been around for more than one creation cycle. So every human being has a very long history behind them.

Which is the best link to a guided meditation for past life regression? Is there a script to guide through a past life regression?

My healer-friend Benjamin Bibb formulated a form of past life regression that enables someone to briefly experience previously lives. It is the only one I have ever used, and I am planning to eventually post that on our website.

There is a most interesting book: David St. Clair’s Lessons in Instant ESP, that has a script for past life recall. It is rather complex and lengthy, but certainly can work. It can be bought from Amazon.

What if someone can’t recall a past life/lives? How do they unblock this?

There is a very good reason for people not remembering their past lives, lest they get stuck in one and not move on and thereby retard their progress. So if someone draws a blank in trying to remember, it is better to drop the idea for a while and return to it occasionally to see if the blank remains. When the time is right, the memory will be available.

Sometimes people have lived on other planets in intelligent life forms very different from ours, so even if they remember, it either makes no sense to them or they do not believe it. It is not common, but it does happen.

Why do some people feel shame and embarrassment over the memory of a past life? Is this normal and why are people ashamed? 

That is so subjective and personal that there is no simple answer for it. Certainly, a person might get a glimmer of a life that somewhere had an unpleasant or “shameful” element and feel shame and embarrassment even if that aspect has not surfaced consciously. It is good to be cautious at such times, perhaps waiting a while and then trying again.

I once remembered quite a bit about a childhood in a life three centuries ago. It made no sense to me: I lived alone with my mother in a large house and never saw anyone else but an elderly woman who was some kind of servant that came each day. When I was about ten years of age, I did meet two other boys my age. We became friends and often spent time together in a forest, but I never saw their homes or anyone connected with them. In my early teens my mother died and then no one at came near our house, and to escape starvation I wandered until I found a road and walked to a large city where I made a very poor living. One day when pondering the peculiarity of that life I understood: I must have been an illegitimate child of someone who kept my mother and I hidden away and my existence was strictly kept secret. Since the lapse of three centuries made me indifferent to such a life, I might have felt ashamed if the impressions of the social ideas of that time were still in my subconscious.

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