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Blessing of Objects

Hand BlessingChapter Nine of Yoga of the Sacraments

The extension of holiness into the very fabric of the universe is one of the purposes of worthy religion. This is perfectly reasonable considering that in essence all things are holy because they are composed of the Divine Light and Life we call the Holy Spirit. So really we are evoking the inmost nature of an object when we bless it.

Environment is not just a matter of sociology, the vibration of all surrounding us affects us greatly because we and they are part of a unified field of Being. This is why we can feel so different as we go from place to place. The East has been aware of this for thousands of years, but in the West only the psychically sensitive perceive it–mostly on a non-conceptual intuitive level. Consequently very little is done about it on a practical level, though at one time when all of Europe was Catholic there was a much higher level of awareness of the value of being surrounded with blessed objects.

Yogic Blessing of Objects


The ritual of blessing is very simple and to the point, and many objects may be blessed together, especially if they are of the same type.

The exorcism

As explained in the commentary on Holy Water blessing, objects can pick up negative energies from various sources that are negative but not intentionally malevolent. For example, an angry or frustrated person could slap or kick a container of things that are going to be sold commercially–not because he was angry or frustrated with them but just because they were at hand to express his intense feeling. Those things would absorb the negative energies and could influence those who purchased them or bring a kind of unconscious ill-wishing into their home.

I can give you what I think is a funny example. Years ago I saw an article in a magazine about a budding (now famous) super psychic and her book on psychometry which could be ordered from her directly. So I ordered one, and when I got it found that I could not read it because the moment I touched it I was in her garage where the books were stored on metal shelves. Two sounds assaulted my psychic ears: the incredible racket made by her much-too-high heels on the cement floor as she stalked around the garage, and her loud, angry raving at her husband about something. I could see her very clearly and the much-too-tight chartreuse dress she was wearing. I dropped the book, and later every time I touched it the same thing happened, so I tossed it in the trash can. But I found it funny that her intense, out of control rage had so permeated the book–and therefore the others on the shelves–that I became an instant psychometrist–at least in relation to that book!

Consequently it is very necessary to exorcise an object before blessing it. From then on it will be protected from negative influences.

The priest exorcizes the object in a very straightforward manner, saying:

In the Name of God, I exorcize all influences of evil that they may be banished and driven forth from this …, which we are about to dedicate to His service. In the power of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From now on the object will be in the service of the Creator by radiating sacred and purifying vibrations wherever it may be.

The purification

Any negative energies have now been expelled, but the object should be purified and infused with positive energies prior to the complete blessing, so the priest sprinkles it with holy water and censes it so the solar energies of frankincense will purify it.

The blessing

Then the priest blesses it, praying:

O God, who in the mystery of Thy boundless love didst breathe forth Thine own divine life into Thy universe, and art Thyself the continual source of its existence, stretch forth, we pray Thee, the right hand of Thy power over this …, which has in diverse ways been purified, and fill this creature with heavenly grace and blessing; grant that whosoever shall use this…may be enlightened in heart and mind and serve Thee in all good works; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Since God is present in every atom of His creation, the object is naturally blessed in essence, but many factors can temporarily overlay that inherent holiness, so it needs an all-encompassing blessing. Does God have two hands: right and left? Practically speaking, He does. The left hand is the power of involution, of descent into matter, and the left hand is the power of evolution out of matter. In another aspect, the left hand is the withdrawing of energy and the right hand is the bestowing of energy. That is why the priest refers to God’s “right hand” in the prayer.

As we know, there is no such thing as solid matter–there is far more space between the molecular particles of an object than there is matter. When the two signs of the Cross are made, the divine Light is infused into the object and fills up that space and makes the object a source of blessing and even healing, often by its simple presence. This will contribute to the upliftment of the consciousness of whoever comes in contact with it, helping them along the path to enlightenment in Christ our Lord.

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