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My Karma Made Me Do It

karma made me do itTo someone who wrote asking about involvement in an avocation for the enjoyment of it.

Our lives are an unimaginably complex system composed of innumerable influences. Any simplistic view or opinion must by their very nature be irrelevant and often (usually) wrong.

Karma is an irrevocable and all-encompassing law. Nothing can be done that is not in our karmic store, and nothing can be avoided that is. Certainly karma can be mitigated or altered, but it rarely is because the question does not arise until it is too late, anyway.

So we can all say: My Karma Made Me Do It. Especially when we realize that karma is purely psychological, not an outside force except in the sense that all things are external to our true Self, the spirit.

My advice is to enjoy your abilities and interests. Being creative and constructive is manifesting our divine image.



New Light of the Spirit Photo Gallery

We have updated the Light of the Spirit Monastery page on our site, and have added a photo gallery which we think you will find interesting and informative. Below are just a few of the photos included. Click here to visit our Monastery Page.

Summer monsoons bring hummingbird & rainbows
Hummingbirds & rainbows
Back Yard Buddha
Our back yard Buddha


The monks of Atma Jyoti Ashram
The monks of Atma Jyoti Ashram
A visiting fox gets thirsty.
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