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Chapter Three: Instructions to Sannyasins

Do not be tempted by siddhis. Do not try to get them. Do not exhibit your spiritual powers.

Be always saturated in the continuous thought of peace, knowledge and bliss without decay.

You are not the body. Do not love it.

Be always true and loyal to the doctrines of Vedanta, which you should try to practice to the best of your ability.

The eternal Brahman alone exists everywhere. There is nothing else but That. Therefore be silent and wise.

Do not forget that whatever you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch, or feel, is nothing but Brahman only in reality.

Be always doing the japa and meditation of OM.

Remember that you are the immortal Atman, and that the whole world is but Brahman only.

You are living in eternity and infinity. Your concern is not with space and time.

Never feel sorry or depressed or grieved if you witness a pitiable sight, like a suffering man or a dead man, etc. Discriminate and try to see the Atman alone in all sights, situations and experiences, though you should help the suffering, if you can.

Do not keep pet animals.

Never think of death, though you must think of the death of the body that may come any time. Remember you have no death in reality. You are the eternal and homogeneous essence of Satchidananda!

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Chapters Necessity for Sannyasa

Chapters Necessity for Sannyasa—Editor’s Preface

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