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Mantra Vacillation: Experimentation or Distraction?

mantra bookwormTo a friend who wrote telling me that during japa and meditation he often switched from one mantra to another, then to another and then back to the first mantra.

The mind is like a restless child, playing with one toy after another, going around and around. But the yogi must realize that the more a mantra is repeated the deeper it will go and the more effective it will be. So to change to another mantra is to start back at the beginning, then back to the beginning again and once more to the beginning!

Naturally the ego gets disturbed as the effects of the mantra begins to loosen its hold on the sadhaka. So it suggests a change to stop the process. I understand this, as I went through a period where during meditation my mind would say: “Why not do this other mantra to see if it is not more effective than what you are doing?” And then after a bit would say: “Perhaps another approach is better. Why not try it?” Every day it was the same. I would start out with Soham and after a while the mind would suggest Distraction Number One, and then after a while Distraction Number Two.

Now the interesting thing was that never did either distraction even come near to having the beneficial effect of Soham. But still the game went on every morning until I realized that I was cooperating with the ego which wanted to spoil my efforts at getting beyond it. So I set my will. And the ego gave up.

I recommend you profit from my experience and do the same!

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