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Kali and the Virgin Mary: Two Questions

Kali DeviQ: Why are animals sacrificed at Kali temples in India? What is the purpose? Is it against the principle of vegetarianism?

The killing of animals is always an offense again Life Itself. But in perverted religion throughout the world animal sacrifice is found. Only a misunderstanding of Kali could “justify” such a terrible practice.

Holy Mother Sarada Devi absolutely forbade animal sacrifice at the time of Kali Puja at Belur Math. Sri Sri Ma Anandamayi also banned such barbarism.

Animal sacrifice is not just a violation of vegetarianism, it is murder.

Do you believe that the Virgin Mary is an incarnation of the Holy Spirit?

It is our belief that the Virgin Mary is a perfect reflection or image of the Holy Spirit. Only in that sense is she an “incarnation” of the Holy Spirit. The same is true of Jesus: he is a perfect reflection-image of the Son, the Second Aspect of the Trinity.

Both Mary and Jesus are divine, gods as are all spirits, but God alone is God.

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