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Is the End of the World Coming (Tomorrow)??

psychic crystal ball prophecyTo someone who wrote about recent prophecies regarding the world and the destinies of nations.

Personally, I never pay much attention to prophecy because I have seen that even very special people can get it wrong.

Paramhansa Yogananda made prophecies that never came true. One example was his prophecy made to Sister Meera who was in charge of the SRF Hollywood cafe. He told her in detail of a time when she would have to contend with people picketing the restaurant because only monastics worked there and they did not hire “real” people who thereby earned money. She is no longer in the body and the café is long closed. Nothing like his prediction ever happened. Yet during World War II he made a prophecy to her about huge buildings  one day being built on the three corners next to the Hollywood Center. It happened just as he said. In fact, in 1961 I was living across the alley from the church when the prophecy was fulfilled by the Kaiser Foundation.

William Branham the great healer whom I personally saw work astounding miracles, made many predictions based on his visions, and not a one came true.

Swami Swarupananda, when he was in charge of the Delhi Anandamayi Ashram told of ancient prophecies of world cataclysm that he had read in manuscripts written by renowned sages that even gave the approximate dates. Nothing whatsoever came true.

The Bhrigu Samhita, an ancient, gigantic “library” of prophecies in India makes absolutely accurate predictions and absolutely inaccurate predictions. It is really hit or miss.

Anandamayi Ma made predictions that never came true. Yet she made a couple of predictions to me about my personal life and they happened exactly as she said.

Edgar Cayce’s world prophecies were worthless but his diagnoses were one hundred percent right.

Why is this? I really do not know. Totally correct prophecies are very rare indeed.

This I do know: karma and reincarnation are absolutes and the wise seek through yoga to neutralize them and attain liberation. So I try to act on that and keep that perspective always.

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