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How to Overcome Grief at the Death of a Loved One

cryingIn reply to a friend who wrote asking how to overcome grief at the death of a loved one.

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy over your great loss and sorrow.

Karma determines all the aspects of our life, especially birth and death. Therefore your action or inaction could not effect when your beloved son would leave this world. His karma for this life is completed and now he goes on to further move toward the supreme goal.

It is true that often our beloved departed are aware of our grief and pain and are saddened by it. At the same time, what father would not grieve?

Please conduct for your son whatever rites are traditional in your family. Japa and kirtan may be done for the benefit of a departed soul.

Most important is your taking of refuge in the Divine through japa and meditation, difficult as they may be at this time. This will not only benefit you, but your son and those that remain with you in your family.

We will pray for you and your dear son that even this sorrowful event may draw you and him closer to the all-merciful God.

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