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Demons and Dunces, Part 2: Deluded Asceticism and Dispelling Evil Spirits

A continuation of “Why Spiritual People May Encounter Negativity

ascetics and evil spiritsDeluded asceticism

The Bhagavad Gita rightly and reasonably says:

“Asceticism [tapasya] which is practiced with deluded notions of the Self, and with self-torture… is declared to be of the principle of darkness and ignorance [tamas]” (17:19).

Unfortunately, such deluded asceticism can be found in every religion. In Hinduism and Buddhism it is based on the delusion that self-torture of the body is a discipline that somehow develops the will and enables the mind to master itself.

This is like the mother of the spoiled boy that told his schoolteacher: “If he misbehaves, just slap the boy next to him and he will straighten up.” Torturing, weakening and ultimately destroying the health of the body in no way improves the mind, but is a symptom of mental and moral aberration.

In Christianity it is based on delusion in the form of belief that God is pleased with self-torture, that the body (and not the mind) is the cause of evil and therefore torturing the body somehow expiates sin.

Such “discipline” based squarely on self-loathing justified by the idea that God is angry with us, and therefore loathes us, and we really only merit the torments of hell. So such ascetics create and live in hell in their own body, mind and life. Such hellish delusion proves that they are the real demons, and naturally they attract evil spirits of like mind. Their own comes to them.

Evil spirits exist

There are such things as evil spirits. Some are earthbound human beings and some are non-human spirits that have wandered into our dimension from other universes.

Others were involved in the creation of our universe, yet became corrupted and fell into the ways of evil. These are the beings called “fallen angels,” though that is not exactly correct.

They are real and malevolent, so I am not expounding to you the Pretty Positive Thinking philosophy that denies the existence of evil and evil spirits and such terrible things as black magic and worship of such evil beings.

Misguided and mistaken “positive thinking” can be very negative in its effect when it denies what truly exists.

A real life example of ineffectual “positive thinking”

A “New Thought” type of church bought a property adjacent to their church to use for various church activities. But they found they could not use it because its unsettling and eerie atmosphere. No one could handle the negative energies, and people who went there for Sunday School classes in a short while ended up out in the yard.

Since the church denied the existence of evil and evil spirits the minister and members were helpless to do anything. All their “white light” meditations and affirmations did nothing to clear things up.

Marcel VogelSo when the great scientist and metaphysician Marcel Vogel came to speak at the church, they asked him to go to the house and see what he could do. He asked me to go along and investigate with him.

The next morning we went and discovered that there were a few harmless earthbound spirits in the house. But the problem was in the attic-apartment at the top of the house. We both could see it, and Marcel perceived that it was a non-human entity that had somehow gotten into our dimension and become trapped there and was frantic to get out.

People felt its agitation and panic and that was what drove them out of the building. Marcel simply opened the way for the entity to return to its natural world and it was gone in an instant. Then all was well.

The bluff of spirits

I have had a goodly bit of experience with spirits, and it is not at all uncommon for people to encounter them, but they often do not know what they are faced with. Sometimes both human and spirit frighten each other!

Never believe the threats of spirits. It is all noise and bluff. But never laugh, mock or speak with contempt or hatred to them, because that can empower them. And besides, it is wrong to do because they are God’s children also. Just be calm and refuse to be affected by them.

On occasion simply ignoring them can make them leave because it unsettles their ego and frustrates them. I must admit that sometimes I have gotten rid of a spirit simply by saying: “If you don’t go away I will bless you,” or: “If you don’t go away I will pray to God that he will deliver you from your evil.” Neither of these appeal to truly evil spirits.

Dispelling evil entities

Negative spirits detest that which is positive, therefore a positive environment repels them. The best way to keep away or banish evil (or insane or ignorant) spirits is to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind and to see that your home is filled with positive vibrations.

Playing or singing positive spiritual music is also a help.

But the best of all is meditation. I have seen spirits that have haunted a place for a long while easily banished by the regular meditation of a single person in the house.

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