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Do You Believe in the Theosophist Masters?

Theosophist masters

Q: Do you believe in or know to exist the masters that the Theosophists (and Taimni) talked about?

There is too much evidence of the reality of the Masters from the testimonial of so many of the early Theosophists to not believe in their existence at the time of Blavatsky and for some time later.

I find the claim that they were vastly superior in knowledge to anyone else living at that time in India bordering on the irresponsible, because no one person could have known all the great yogis of the entire Indian subcontinent. And what would have qualified them to know this? Nor have I seen anything in such sources as The Mahatma Letters to suppose that they had knowledge equal to the leading yogis of India, much less superior.

Furthermore, can it be assumed that they are living today (something not impossible to many great yogis) or have left their bodies yet remain in contact with qualified aspirants? Is there evidence that the Himalayan Brotherhood itself still exists?

And the most important: Is it relevant to us?

I am always uneasy about those who claim to have hidden or invisible masters. Yet, though I may not readily believe, it would be irresponsible of me to deny the possibility, for I would have no basis for that.

Both Vyasa and Shankara, along with many other great teachers, such as Patanjali, have told us that the ultimate master is Ishwara and that the practice of yoga itself becomes the teacher of those who diligently apply themselves to sadhana.

This I believe.

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