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Aquarian Gospel Commentary Now Finished and Available Online

We are happy to announce that the full text of the Aquarian Gospel for Awakening is now complete and available at OCOY.org. It is an exhaustive commentary on The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, by Levi Dowling. The commentary is 196 web pages!

Below is an excerpt from the Commentary. Shortly we will have the full text available as a download in our e-Library, and in time we will have print and ebook versions available. We hope you enjoy it.

Cover of the Aquarian Gospel-Aquarian Gospel Commentary

And Jesus said, The answer to your prayer may not appear in fullness in a little time. Be not discouraged; pray again and then again, for God will hear.

And then he spoke a parable; he said, A housewife was alone at night and, lo, some guests arrived, and they were hungry, having had no food for all the day. The housewife had no bread, and so at midnight she went forth and called a friend and said, Loan me three loaves of bread, for guests have come, and I have naught for them to eat. The friend replied, Why do you trouble me at midnight hour? My door is shut; my children are with me in bed; I cannot rise to give you bread; tomorrow you can be supplied. The housewife asked again, and then again, and then because she pled, and would not be refused, the friend arose and gave her bread. Behold, I say to you, Ask firmly and you shall receive; seek trustingly and you shall find; knock earnestly, the door will open up. (Aquarian Gospel 137:8-14)

Perseverance is the key to success in just about everything. To overcome karmic force we need to generate karmic force of the opposite character in a greater degree than the force that is blocking us. The moment that occurs the situation is reversed. It is the law of God and has nothing to do with what God wills or does not will. He does not live our life, we do. We must control it; and Jesus is telling us one of the ways to do so. This does not mean that we break God down by pestering him, but that we keep building positive karmic force in the ether by prayer. When the balance tips, the result comes.

There is another aspect to this that the East understands very well, but not the West for some reason: the power of making vows. Vows made with full sincerity and the intention to fulfill them can of themselves generate enough karmic force to change a situation. However, if the vows are not fulfilled the situation reverts to the original one, not because God is miffed but because sufficient long-lasting karmic force has not been generated. The positive karmic force is actually weakened by the failure to follow through on the vow. In the Christian East they say: “Do not make promises you do not intend to keep either to children or God. They both never forget.” God does not get angry, but a vow unfulfilled in relation to God creates negative karma not easily overcome in the future.

Vows often have to be increased until they are large or intense enough to generate the needed karmic force. So if you make a vow and nothing happens, consider increasing it. And also consider if you might be vowing for something it is better for you to not attain. But do not readily accept that possibility. Keep on vowing until you have reached the limit you can really fulfill. Then think about it.

All things are yours, and when you ask, not as a begging man would ask, but as a child, you shall be satisfied. A son may ask his father for a loaf of bread; the father will not give to him a stone; or he may ask him for a fish; he will not give a crab; or he may ask him for an egg; the father will not give a pebble from the brook. Behold, if men of flesh know how to give abundantly to children of the flesh, will not your heavenly Father give abundantly to you when you shall pray? (Aquarian Gospel 137:15-18)

God our beloved Father and Mother is our very own. None is closer or dearer. In India they say: “Nearer than the near; dearer than the dear.” So ask God in that way, not like he is a mighty king or rich and powerful human being that has to convinced or whose attention has to be gotten. Ask him/her as your very own loving parent. Sometimes, if you are sincere and really mean it in love, you can even say: “Father/Mother, I am your child. I demand this.” I used to sometimes say: “Mother, I am your child so I am not asking you, I am telling you what I want, and you must give it to me.” It always worked. But I did not make it a lifetime habit. It must be done in love and a willingness to not be heard. (This is important.)

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened” (Matthew 7:7. 8).

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