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Yogananda on America’s Good Karma

America's good karma - Yogananda after meeting with president Calvin Coolidge

Swami Yogananda was officially presented to President Calvin Coolidge by the Hon. J. Balfour, Second Secretary of the British Embassy, on January 24th, 1927. President Coolidge can be seen standing in the window.

A special 4th of July article extracted from a talk by Dr. M.W. Lewis given in San Diego,California on June 22, 1958


Patriotism, when considered in the light of loving and protecting that country which God has given us, is all right. God has given us this country. We must take care of it. We’re not good citizens unless we do. Because of America’s makeup, her national feeling for other nations, and her great wealth and knowhow in material things, she can help other nations. If we take patriotism in that sense, as protecting a gift from God, which He has given to us to cherish, and to watch over, and make it a good America, then she can help other nations, as she has been doing, and as she has done. And that good karma, which America has laid up, will stand her in good stead. Do not worry about America. Worry about your own self. You are one of the human elements of America; one of the building blocks of America. Make it a good building block. Feel the presence of God, and then take patriotism in that sense, of protecting that gift which God has given you, and to all of us.

What America stands for

America stands for political freedom. America stands for a chance for people to have the opportunity to do things and become something. We should cherish that, and make it secure; and then utilize the power and the knowhow of America to help other nations. Of course, a sense of superiority must go. We cannot feel we are better than any other nation. We are not. But instead of that sense of superiority, we can have humility–which most Americans, I’m sure, do have–and utilize that to bring about peace in this world.

I have an article here that Master wrote in 1951 about America’s good karma. I will just read a paragraph to you, and I want you to never forget it. In these times, we have to be prepared and not forget the underlying realities, the underlying truths, which protect America. We have to be prepared–that’s natural in this state of society–but underneath that, there is something that protects America, which is far greater than preparedness. I want you to listen to Master’s words. He says this:

The Master speaks about and to America

“America as the liberator in World War II of Russia, England, Europe, and India, has stored up enough good karma to defeat any aggressor no matter how powerful by making the enemy commit blunders in politics and strategy should there be a third world war. For freely helping all nations, America has been accused of dollar imperialism. Such ingratitude is bad karma for her accusers, especially for those countries who have accepted her financial help. The generosity of America is storing up for her much good karma according to the law that determines world conditions.”

Then the Master goes on to say these words which are very comforting: “And so, dear Americans, rest assured that even if the third world war should come, the United States of America shall be victor because she possesses the greatest good karma. The good karmic bomb will destroy all aggressors, even though they use against her the material atomic bomb. It is this goodness in the heart of America, not the possession of atomic bombs, that shall give sure victory to this land, if any aggressor starts a third world war. Similarly, it was the powerful good karma of India that worked through Gandhi, and other saints and masters, to enable India to gain her independence without firing a single shot. It is this plentiful good karma of Americans that is the Divine Fortress guarding them against any dire calamity.

“Dear Americans, you are protected not only by the good karma, but by the castle of Divine Grace of Him who is the originator of the law of karma. A single blood clot or disease germ cell can kill a man, even if he live in a desert, or in an underground cave. It will not be subterranean cities that will protect America, but a continuation and increase of her present good and generous actions: If God be with her, who can stand against her?”


So let us realize that. Remember that in these times of stress. Let us keep our faith in America, realizing God has given her to us to cherish and take care of and protect, and realize: “He is with us, who can be against us?” I think these are wonderful words of our Master.

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