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Questions For Monastic Aspirants

Please give the following information:

1. Full Name.

Date of birth.

2. Address.

3. Telephone number.

4. Marital status (if married: children?).

5. General state of health.

10. Do you have any dietary restrictions or requirements? If so, what?

11. Are you a vegetarian (no meat, fish, or eggs.? If so, for how long?

12. Do you drink alcohol?

13. Do you use tobacco in any form?

14. Have you taken any mind-altering drugs, legal or illegal? If so, which ones, and for how long? When was the last time you took any?

15. Write a reasonably brief secular autobiography of yourself, including where you have lived and what you have done.

16. What is your financial status? Do you have any savings? Any debts?

17. What is your work history?

18. What professional skills do you have?

19. Have you ever been arrested? Convicted?

20. What is your educational history?

21. What is your personal religious identity (Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, etc.)?

22. What religious/spiritual study have you done?

23. What material have your read from our website?

24. What religious/spiritual groups have you belonged to, both past and present affiliation?

25. Do you practice meditation? If so, what type is it, and how much do you meditate each day?

26. Write a reasonably brief spiritual autobiography outlining your spiritual journey, including how you came to know of this monastery, and stating your personal spiritual goals and aspirations.

27. What is your personal conception of the nature and purpose of monastic life, and why do you desire to live it?

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