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Prayer and the Law of Karma

prayerQ: Since there is a Law of cause and effect or the Law of Karma is it still necessary to pray and ask God for something like world peace, settle our financial problems, ask for health, etc.? If God fulfills or answers one’s prayer does not it means that God breaking the Law He himself has created?

It is absolutely true that God, being all-knowing and all-caring, need not be constantly pestered with prayers. Sadhana is the supreme prayer in action. However, prayer itself is an action, and therefore a producer of karma. So prayer can result in various benefits since praying generates positive karma. It is still a matter of the law of cause and effect.

Also, prayer is often a sending of positive thoughts and vibrations to those who need help. All my life I have seen blessings and even miracles result from prayer. Ultimately, though, it is up to the spontaneous feeling of the individual and not to be dictated by anyone else.

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