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iscover the timeless wisdom of India and the yoga path to freedom. This site offers you a wealth of practical and thought-provoking knowledge about the Oriental origins of Christianity, the simple and classic tradition of Yoga and the Yoga Life, the practical messages of the Bhagavad Gita and other scriptures, and much more. 
Journey beyond the forest of cliches, contradictions, and confusion about Yoga, Hinduism, Christianity and metaphysical thought, through the unconventional wisdom of Swami Nirmalananda Giri, director of Light of the Spirit Monastery.
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What You Will Discover on This Site

Original Christianity

Original Christianity is the teaching of both Jesus of Nazareth and his Apostle Saint Thomas in India. Learn about Jesus’ life in India, and the inevitable conclusions that must be drawn about The Real Jesus and His Real Teachings, which were really the classical, traditional teachings of the ancient rishis of India. Read Articles about Original Christianity.

Original Yoga

With all that is called “yoga” nowadays, it is hard to winnow the wheat from the chaff. Swami Nirmalananda clarifies what real yoga is both as a philosophy and as a liberating practice in its classic form of Soham Yoga, and gives practical advice on the Yoga Life that facilitates this practice. Read Articles about Original Yoga.

Dharma for Awakening

Most people intuit that the greatest wisdom comes from the East. With penetrating insight Swami Nirmalananda presents the practical value of the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the Dhammapada, and other classic scriptures in an easily intelligible fashion. Read Articles about Dharma for Awakening.

Featuring the writings of Swami Nirmalananda Giri

Abbot George Burke Most of the articles and books on this site were written by Swami Nirmalananda Giri, (Abbot George Burke) the founder and director of the Light of the Spirit Monastery (Atma Jyoti Ashram) in Cedar Crest, New Mexico, USA.

“The scriptures contain a mixture of sand and sugar, as it were. It is extremely difficult to separate the sugar from the sand. Therefore one should learn of the essence of the scriptures from the teacher or from a sadhu.”
–Sri Ramakrishna

Swami Nirmalananda has spent a lifetime helping spiritual aspirants separate the sand from the sugar. Grounded in the perspective of classic Indian thought, directly taught by such luminaries as Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh and Sri Anandamayi Ma, and blessed with the clarity and originality of thought that can only come from years of spiritual practice (sadhana), his answers to his inquirers’ questions are unique, fresh, and authoritative.

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Spiritual Life Podcasts and Videos

Visit our Podcast Page to listen to talks by Swami Nirmalananda Giri about various aspects of practical spiritual life, and remarkable spiritual people he has known. These podcasts include talks on Original Christianity and Original Yoga, Soham Yoga Meditation, the Yoga Life, the connection between Jesus and India, monastic life, and much more.

We also have a Video Satsangs page which we encourage you to explore.

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Atma Jyoti Ashram
(Light of the Spirit Monastery

Atma Jyoti Ashram (Light of the Spirit Monastery) is a  monastic community for those men who seek direct experience of the Spirit through yoga meditation, traditional yogic discipline, Sanatana Dharma and the life of the sannyasi in the tradition of the Order of Shankara. Our lineage is in the Giri branch of the Order. Read about Light of the Spirit Monastery and monastic life.

The Light of the Spirit Blog

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What Is Life on the Astral Plane Like?

There are many levels in the astral world, and they are all much more stable than the earth plane. Spending time in the astral plane is exactly like living within the earth plane, though in some of the higher worlds thought is more evidently a force. We are born into

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Three Useful Meditation Tips

Meditate Daily “The self resides within the lotus of the heart. Knowing this, devoted to the self, the sage enters daily that holy sanctuary.” (Chandogya Upanishad 8:3:3) Meditation should be done daily, and if possible it should be done twice daily–morning and evening, or before and after work, whichever is

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How to Become a Sage

A commentary on the verse from the Mundaka Upanishad which says, “Having known the Self, the sages are filled with joy. Blessed are they, tranquil of mind, free from passion. Realizing everywhere the all-pervading Brahman, deeply absorbed in contemplation of his being, they enter into him, the Self of all.”

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Abbot George’s writing is "as informed and informative as it is inspired and inspiring"
James A. Cox, Editor-in-chief at Midwest Book Reviews
James A. Cox
Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review
"[His] writing is well crafted and stocked with anecdotes, humor, literary references, and beautiful quotes... I found it to be entertaining as well as illuminating."
Rev. Gerry Nangle, President of Johrei Fellowship
Reverend Gerry Nangle
President of Johrei Fellowship
"Highly recommended for earnest spiritual aspirant, especially those who might need a prod to keep them moving."
Anna Hourihan, editor at Vedanta Shores Press
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