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Discovering the Holy Land—Part 3

“Whoever has wished to go has already started on the pilgrimage to the Holy Land.” Stephen Graham, author

In May and June of 2016, Father Seraphim and Brother Simeon of Light of the Spirit Monastery were fortunate to make their first pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine. We spent two weeks visiting the major sites and shrines associated with Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the saints of the Holy Land. It was one of the greatest pilgrimages of our lifetimes, second only to our “all-India” pilgrimage in 2003 (to have its own gallery of photos soon), full of unexpected blessings, new perspectives, and a kaleidoscope of interesting new friends.

Come along with us to the Holy Land with this four-part photo album. The four photo galleries for our trip display our photos in the sequence of our travels, so it’s best to begin at the beginning of each gallery. Each photo can be seen in large format with descriptive captions by clicking on any image and then clicking on the right or left arrows within the images or above the image.

This is part 3 of the photo gallery of our pilgrimage. Click here to see part 4

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This is part 3 of the photo gallery of our pilgrimage. Click here to see part 4

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