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The Odes of Solomon

Jesus the ShepherdThe Odes of Solomon, a great work of mystical depth, Divine insight, and spiritual illumination is, like the Dead Sea Scrolls, one of the truly great spiritual and literary discoveries of the Twentieth Century. Written in the first Christian century, some of the Odes are thought to be compositions of Jesus, passed down by his disciples.

This translation of the Odes is the work of Hierodeacon Simeon Goldstein. His notes on the discovery, history, and inner meaning of the odes can be found in the introduction to the Odes of Solomon for Awakening, a commentary on the Odes of Solomon by Swami Nirmalananda Giri (Abbot George Burke).

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Ode 1

1. The Lord is on my head like a crown, and I shall not be without Him.
2. They wove for me a crown of truth, and it caused Thy branches to bud in me.
3. For it is not like a withered crown which buddeth not.
4. But Thou livest upon my head, and Thou hast blossomed upon me.
5. Thy fruits are full-grown and perfect; they are full of Thy salvation. Alleluia.

Ode 3 [Ode 2 is missing]

1. I am putting on [the love of the Lord].
2. And His members are with Him, and I am dependent on them and He loves me.
3. For I should not have known how to love the Lord, if He had not loved me.
4. For who is able to distinguish love, except the one that is loved?
5. I love the Beloved and my soul loves Him, and where His rest is there also am I.
6. And I shall be no stranger, for with the Lord Most High and Merciful there is no grudging.
7. I have been united to Him for the Lover has found the Beloved, And because I love Him that is the Son I shall become a son.
8. For he who is joined to Him Who is immortal, will also himself become immortal.
9. And he who has pleasure in the Life, will become living.
11. This is the Spirit of the Lord which is not false, which teacheth the sons of men to know His ways.
12. Be wise and understanding and vigilant. Alleluia.

Ode 4

1. No man O my God changeth Thy Holy Place, nor can he change it and put it in another place.
2. Because he hath no power over it, for Thy sanctuary Thou hast designed before Thou didst make other places.
3. That which is the elder shall not be altered by those that are younger than itself; Thou hast given Thy heart O Lord to Thy believers.
4. Never wilt Thou fail, nor be without fruits.
5. For one hour of Thy faith, is more precious than all days and years.
6. For who is there that shall put on Thy grace and be rejected?
7. For Thy seal is known, and Thy creatures are known to it.
8. And Thy hosts possess it, and the pure archangels are clothing with it.
9. Thou hast given us Thy fellowship; it was not that Thou wast in need of us, but that we are in need of Thee.
10. Distill Thy dews upon us, and open Thy rich fountains that pour forth to us milk and honey.
11. For there is not regret with Thee, that Thou shouldest regret anything which Thou hast promised.
12. And the end was revealed before Thee.
13. For what Thou gavest Thou gavest freely, so that no longer wilt Thou draw back and take them again.
14. For all was revealed before Thee as God, and ordered from the beginning before Thee.
15. And Thou O Lord hast made all. Alleluia.

Ode 5

1. I will give thanks unto Thee O Lord, because I love Thee.
2. O Most High Thou wilt not forsake me, for Thou art my hope.
3. Freely I have received Thy grace, I shall live thereby.
4. My persecutors will come and not see me.
5. A cloud of darkness shall fall on their eyes, and an air of thick gloom shall darken them.
6. And they shall have no light to see, so that they may not take hold upon me.
7. Let their counsel become dull, so that whatever they have cunningly devised may return upon their own heads.
8. For they have devised a counsel, and it did not succeed.
9. They prepared themselves wickedly, but they were found to be worthless.
10. For my hope is upon the Lord, and I will not fear.
11. And because the Lord is my salvation, I will not fear.
12. And He is as a garland on my head, and I shall not be moved.
13. Even if everything should be shaken, I stand firm.
14. And if all things visible should perish, I shall not die.
15. Because the Lord is with me, and I am with Him. Alleluia.

Ode 6

1. As the wind moves over the harp, and the strings speak, so speaks in my members the Spirit of the Lord, and I speak by His love.
2. For it destroys whatever is foreign, and everything that is bitter.
3. For thus it was from the beginning, and will be to the end.
4. That nothing should be contrary, and nothing should rise up against Him.
5. The Lord has multiplied the knowledge of Himself, and is zealous that these things should be known which by His grace have been given to us.
6. And the Praise of His Name He gave us, our spirits praise His Holy Spirit.
7. And there went forth a stream and became a river great and broad, for it flooded and broke up everything and it shattered and brought it to the Temple.
8. And the restraints of men were not able to restrain it, nor the arts of those whose business it is to restrain waters.
9. For it spread over the face of the whole earth, and filled everything.
10. Then all the thirsty upon the earth drank, and thirst was relieved and quenched.
11. For from the Most High the drink was given.
12. Blessed then are the ministers of that drink, who are entrusted with that water of His.
13. They have refreshed the parched lips, and have aroused the paralyzed will.
14. And souls that were near departing, they have held back from death.
15. And the limbs which had fallen, they straightened and set up.
16. They gave strength for their coming, and light to their eyes.
18. For everyone knew them in the Lord, and by the waters they lived an eternal life. Alleluia.

Ode 7

1. As the impulse of anger against evil, so is the impulse of joy over what is loved, and brings in of its fruits without restraint.
2. My joy is the Lord and my impulse is toward Him, this path of mine is beautiful.
3. For I have a helper—the Lord; He has generously shown Himself to me in His simplicity, because His kindness has diminished His dreadfulness.
4. He became like me in order that I might receive Him; in form he was considered like me so that I might put Him on.
5. And I trembled not when I saw Him, because He was gracious to me.
6. Like my nature He became that I might learn Him, and like my form that I might not turn back from Him.
7. The Father of knowledge, is the Word of knowledge.
8. He Who created wisdom, is wiser than His works.
9. And He Who created me when yet I was not, knew what I should do when I came into being.
10. Wherefore He pitied me in His abundant grace, and granted me to ask from Him and to receive from His sacrifice.
11. For He it is Who is incorruptible, the perfection of the worlds and their Father.
12. He has allowed Him to appear to them that are His own, in order that they may recognize Him that made them, and not suppose that they came of themselves.
13. For knowledge He hath appointed as its way; He hath widened it and extended it and brought it to complete perfection.
14. And has set over it the traces of His light, and I walked therein from the beginning even to the end.
15. For by Him it was wrought, and He rested in the Son.
16. And for its salvation He will take hold of everything; and the Most High shall be known in His Saints.
17. To announce to those that have songs of the coming of the Lord, that they may go forth to meet Him and may sing to Him, with joy and with the harp of many tones.
18. The Seers shall go before Him, and they shall be seen before Him.
19. And they shall praise the Lord for His love, because He is near and seeth.
20. And hatred shall be taken from the earth, and along with jealousy it shall be drowned.
21. For ignorance hath been destroyed upon it, because the knowledge of the Lord hath arrived upon it.
22. Let the singers sing the grace of the Lord Most High, and let them bring their songs.
23. And their heart shall be like the day, and like the excellent beauty of the Lord their pleasant song.
24. And let there be nothing without life, nor without knowledge nor dumb.
25. For (the Lord) hath given a mouth to His creation, to open the voice of the mouth towards Him, and to praise Him.
26. Confess ye His power, and show forth His grace. Alleluia.

Ode 8

1. Open ye open ye your hearts to the exultation of the Lord, and let your love abound from the heart and even to the lips.
2. To bring forth fruits to the Lord—a holy life, and to talk watchfully in His light.
3. Rise up and stand erect, ye who were sometimes brought low.
4. Ye who were in silence speak, for your mouth hath been opened.
5. Ye who were despised be lifted up, now that your righteousness has been lifted up.
6. For the right hand of the Lord is with you, and He will be your helper.
7. And peace hath been prepared for you, before your war ever happened.
8. Hear the word of truth, and receive the knowledge of the Most High.
9. Your flesh may not know what I am saying to you, nor your garment what I am showing to you.
10. Keep My secret ye who are kept by it; keep My faith ye who are kept by it.
11. And understand My knowledge ye who know Me in truth; love Me with affection ye who love.
12. For I do not turn away My face from My own, for I know them.
13. Before they came into being, I took knowledge of them, and on their faces I set My seal.
14. I fashioned their members. My own breasts I prepared for them, that they might drink My holy milk and live thereby.
15. I took pleasure in them, and I am not ashamed of them.
16. For my workmanship are they, and the strength of My thoughts.
17. Who then shall stand up against My handiwork? Or who is there that is not subject to them?
18. I willed and fashioned mind and heart, and they are Mine. And upon my right hand I set My elect ones.
19. And My righteousness goes before them, and they shall not be detached from My Name, for it is with them.
20. Pray and increase, and abide in the love of the Lord;
21. And the beloved ones in the Beloved, and those who are protected in Him Who lives, and those who are saved in Him Who was saved.
22. And ye shall be found incorrupt in all ages, on account of the Name of your Father. Alleluia.

Ode 9

1. Open your ears, and I will speak to you.
2. Give Me your souls, that I may also give you My soul.
3. The Word of the Lord and His good pleasures, the holy thought that He has thought concerning His Messiah.
4. For in the will of the Lord is your life, and His intention is everlasting life, and your perfection is incorruptible.
5. Be enriched in God the Father, and receive the intention of the Most High, be strong and redeemed by His grace.
6. For I proclaim peace to you His holy ones, so that none of those who hear may fall in battle.
7. And that also those who have known Him may not perish, and that those who receive Him may not be ashamed.
8. An everlasting crown is Truth, blessed are they who set it on their head.
9. A stone of great price it is, and the wars were on account of the crown.
10. And righteousness hath taken it, and hath given it to you.
11. Put on the crown in the true covenant of the Lord, and all those who have conquered shall be inscribed in His book.
12. For their book is the victory which is yours, and she sees you before her and wills that you shall be saved. Alleluia.

Ode 10

1. The Lord hath directed my mouth by His Word, and He hath opened my heart by His Light.
2. And He hath caused to dwell in me His deathless life, and permitted me to speak the fruit of His peace.
3. To convert the souls of those who are willing to come to Him, and to lead captive a good captivity for freedom.
4. I was strengthened and made mighty and took the world captive, and the captivity became to me for the praise of the Most High and of God my Father.
5. And the Gentiles were gathered together who had been scattered abroad, but I was not polluted by my love (for them), because they had praised me in high places.
6. And the traces of the light were set upon their heart; and they walked in my life and were saved, and they became my people for ever and ever. Alleluia.

Ode 11

1. My heart was cloven and its flower appeared, and grace sprang up in it, and it brought forth fruit to the Lord.
2. For the Most High circumcised me by His Holy Spirit, and He uncovered my inward being towards Him, and filled me with His love.
3. And His circumcising became my salvation, and I ran in the Way in His peace, in the way of truth.
4. From the beginning and even to the end, I received His knowledge.
5. And I was established upon the rock of truth, where He had set me up.
6. And speaking waters drew near my lips, from the fountain of the Lord plenteously.
7. And I drank and was inebriated with the living waters that do not die.
8. And my inebriation was not one without knowledge, but I forsook vanity.
9. And I turned to the Most High My God, and I was enriched by His bounty.
10. And I forsook the folly cast away over the earth, and I stripped it off and cast it from me.
11. And the Lord renewed me in His garment, and possessed me by His light.
12. And from above He gave me rest without corruption, and I became like the land which blossoms and rejoices in its fruits.
13. And the Lord was like the sun, shining upon the face of the land.
14. My eyes were enlightened, and my face received the dew.
15. And my soul was refreshed, by the pleasant fragrance of the Lord.
16. And He carried me into His paradise, wherein is the abundance of the pleasure of the Lord.
16a. I beheld blooming and fruit-bearing trees.
16b. And self-grown was their crown.
16c. Their branches were sprouting, and their fruits were shining.
16d. From an immortal land were their roots.
16e. And a river of joy was watering them,
16f. And round about them in the land of eternal life.
17. And I worshipped the Lord on account of His glory.
18. And I said Blessed O Lord, are they who are planted in Thy land, and those who have a place in Thy Paradise,
19. And who grow in the growth of Thy trees, and have changed from darkness to light.
20. Behold all Thy laborers are fair, who work good works, and turn from wickedness to Thy pleasantness.
21. And they have turned away from themselves the bitterness of the trees, when they were planted in Thy land.
22. And everything was like Thy remnant–(Blessed are the workers of Thy waters)–and an eternal memorial of Thy faithful servants.
23. For there is abundant room in Thy Paradise, and nothing is useless therein, but everything is filled with fruit.
24. Glory be to Thee O God the delight of Paradise for ever. Alleluia.

Ode 12

1. He hath filled me with words of truth, so that I may speak it.
2. And like the flowing of waters truth flows from my mouth, and my lips show forth His fruits.
3. And He has caused His knowledge to abound in me, because the mouth of the Lord is the true Word, and the door of His light.
4. And the Most High hath given Him to His worlds, (which are) the interpreters of His beauty, and the repeaters of His praise, and the confessors of His thought, and the heralds of His mind, and the chasteners of His servants.
5. For the swiftness of the Word is inexpressible, and like His expression is His swiftness and His sharpness, and His course has no limit.
6. Never (doth the Word) fall, but ever it standeth; His descent and His way are incomprehensible.
7. For as His work is so is His expectation, for He is the light and the dawn of thought.
8. And in Him the worlds spoke one to the other, and those that were silent acquired speech.
9. And from Him came love and concord, and they spoke one to the other that which they had (to tell).
10. And they were goaded by the Word, and they knew Him that made them, because they came into concord.
11. For the mouth of the Most High spoke to them, and the clarification of Himself moved quickly by His hand.
12. For the dwelling-place of the Word is man, and His truth is love.
13. Blessed are they who by this means have comprehended everything, and who have known the Lord by His truth. Alleluia.

Ode 13

1. Behold the Lord is our mirror. Open (your) eyes and see them in Him.
2. And learn the manner of your face, and declare praises to His Spirit.
3. And wipe off the filth from your face, and love His holiness and clothe yourselves therewith.
4. And you will be without stain at all times with Him. Alleluia.

Ode 14

1. As the eyes of a son upon his father, so are my eyes O Lord at all times towards Thee.
2. For with Thee are my breasts and my pleasure.
3. Turn not away Thy mercy from me O Lord, and take not Thy sweetness from me.
4. Stretch out to me my Lord at all times Thy right hand, and be my guide even to the end according to Thy will.
5. Let me be well-pleasing before Thee because of Thy glory, and because of Thy Name let me be saved from the Evil One.
6. And let Thy gentleness O Lord abide with me, and the fruits of thy love.
7. Teach me the Odes of Thy truth, that I may bring forth fruits in Thee.
8. And the harp of Thy Holy Spirit open to me, that with all [its] notes I may praise Thee O Lord.
9. And according to the multitude of Thy mercies so shalt  Thou give to me. And hasten to grant our petitions.
10. And Thou art able for all our needs. Alleluia.

Ode 15

1. As the sun is the joy to them that seek its daybreak, so is my joy the Lord.
2. Because He is my Sun, and His rays have lifted me up, and His light hath dispelled all darkness from my face.
3. In Him I have acquired eyes, and have seen His holy day.
4. Ears I have acquired, and I have heard His Truth.
5. The thought of knowledge I have acquired, and I have been delighted by Him.
6. The way of error I have left, and I went towards Him and have received Salvation from Him abundantly.
7. And according to His bounty He hath given to me, and according to His excellent beauty He hath made me.
8. I have put on incorruption by means of His Name, and I have put off corruption by His grace.
9. Death hath been destroyed before my face, and Sheol hath been abolished by my word.
10. And there hath gone up deathless life in the Lord’s land, and it hath become known to His faithful ones, and hath been given without stint to all those that trust in Him. Alleluia.

Ode 16

1. As the work of the ploughman is the ploughshare, and the work of the helmsman is the steering of the ship, so also my work is the Psalm of the Lord in His praises.
2. My craft and my work are in His praises, because His love hath nourished my heart, and even to my lips He hath brought forth His fruits.
3. For my love is the Lord, and therefore I will sing unto Him.
4. For I am made strong in His praise, and I have faith in Him.
5. I will open my mouth, and His spirit will utter in me the glory of the Lord and His beauty,
6. The work of His hands and the labor of His fingers;
7. For the multitude of His mercies, and the strength of His Word.
8. For the Word of the Lord searches out the unseen thing, and scrutinizes His thought.
9. For the eye sees His works, and the ear hears His thought.
10. It is He who spread out the earth, and placed the waters in the sea.
11. He expanded the heavens, and fixed the stars.
12. And He fixed the creation and set it up, and He rested from His works.
13. And created things run in their courses, and work their works, and they know not how to stand still and to be idle.
14. And the hosts are subject to His Word.
15. The treasury of the light is the sun, and the treasury of the darkness is the night.
16. And He made the sun for the day so that it will be light, but the night brings darkness over the face of the earth.
17. And by their reception one from the other, they speak the beauty of God.
18. And there is nothing that is outside of the Lord, for He was before anything came into being.
19. And the Worlds were made by His Word, and by the thought of His heart.
20. Glory and Honor to His Name. Alleluia.

Ode 17

1. Then I was crowned by my God, and my crown is living.
2. And I was justified by my Lord, for my salvation is incorruptible.
3. I was loosed from vanities, and am not condemned.
4. My choking bonds were cut off by His hands; I received the face and the likeness of a new person, and I walked in Him and was saved.
5. And the thought of truth led me, and I walked after it and did not wander.
6. And all that have seen me were amazed, and I was supposed by them to be a stranger.
7. And He Who knew and brought me up, is the Most High in all His perfection.
8. And He glorified me by His kindness, and raised my mind to the height of Truth.
9. And from thence He gave me the way of His steps, and I opened the doors that were closed.
10. And I broke in pieces the bars of iron, for my own iron (bonds) grew hot and melted before me.
11. And nothing appeared as closed to me, because I was the opening of everything.
12. And I went towards all my bondsmen to loose them, that I might not leave any man bound or binding.
13. And I gave my knowledge without grudging, and my prayer through my love.
14. And I sowed my fruits in hearts, and transformed them through myself.
15. And they received my blessing and lived, and they were gathered to me and were saved.
16. Because they became my members, and I was their head.
17. Glory to Thee our Head O Lord Messiah. Alleluia.

Ode 18

1. My heart was lifted up and enriched in the love of the Most High, that I might praise Him by my name.
2. My members were strengthened, that they might not fall from His power.
3. Sickness removed from my body, and it stood firm for the Lord by His will; for His kingdom is firm.
4. O Lord for the sake of them that are deficient, do not cast off from me Thy Word.
5. Nor for the sake of their works, do Thou withhold from me Thy perfection.
6. Let not the light be conquered by the darkness, nor let truth flee away from falsehood.
7. Let Thy right hand bring our salvation to victory, and receive from all quarters, and preserve (us) from all who are held in bonds.
8. Thou art my God—falsehood and death are not in Thy mouth, only perfection is Thy will.
9. And vanity Thou knowest not, for neither doth it know Thee.
10. And error Thou knowest not, for neither doth it know Thee.
11. And ignorance appeared like dust, and like the scum of the sea.
12. And vain people supposed that it was great, and they came to resemble it and became empty.
13. And those who knew understood and meditated and were unpolluted in their meditations, because they were in the mind of the Most High.
14. And they mocked those who were walking in error.
15. Then they spoke the truth, from the inspiration which the Most high breathed into them.
16. Praise and great beauty to His Name. Alleluia.

Ode 19

1. A cup of milk was offered to me, and I drank it in the sweetness of the delight of the Lord.
2. The Son is the cup, and He who was milked is the Father, and the Holy Spirit is She Who milked Him.
3. Because His breasts were full, and it was not desirable that His milk should be spilt to no purpose.
4. And the Holy Spirit opened Her bosom, and mingled the milk of the two breasts of the Father.
5. And She gave the mixture to the world without their knowing, and those who take it are in the fulness of the right hand.
6. The womb of the Virgin took it, and She received conception and brought forth.
7. And the Virgin became a mother with great mercies.
8. And She labored and bore the Son but without pain, for it did not happen without purpose.
9. And She had not required a midwife, because He caused Her to give life.
10. And She brought forth as a man by Her own will, and She bore according to the manifestation, and acquired with great power.
11. And She loved with redemption, and guarded with kindness, and declared with grandeur. Alleluia.

Ode 20

1. I am a priest of the Lord, and to Him I do priestly service.
2. And to Him I offer the offering of His thought.
3. For His thought is not like the world,
nor like the flesh, nor like them who worship according to the flesh.
4. The offering of the Lord is righteousness, and purity of heart and lips.
5. Offer thy inward being faultlessly, and let not thy compassion oppress compassion, and let not thyself oppress anyone.
6. Thou shouldest not purchase a stranger by the blood of thy soul, nor seek to deceive thy neighbor, nor deprive him of the covering for his nakedness.
7. But put on the grace of the Lord without stint, and come into His Paradise, and make for thyself a crown from His tree.
8. And put it on thy head and be joyful, and recline upon His rest.
9. And His glory shall go before thee, and thou shalt receive of His kindness and His grace, and thou shalt be anointed in truth with the praise of His holiness.
10. Praise and honor to His Name. Alleluia.

Ode 21

1. I lifted up my arms on high, on account of the compassion of the Lord.
2. Because He had cast off my bonds from me; and my Helper had lifted me up according to His compassion and His salvation.
3. And I put off darkness, and clothed myself with light.
4. And my soul acquired members, free from sorrow, or affliction or pain.
5. And increasingly helpful to me was the thought of the Lord, and His incorruptible fellowship.
6. And I was lifted up in the light, and I passed before Him.
7. And I was constantly near Him, praising and confessing Him.
8. He caused my heart to overflow and it was found in my mouth, and it shone forth upon my lips.
9. And upon my face the exultation of the Lord increased, and His praise likewise. Alleluia.

Ode 22

1. He Who brings me down from on high, and brings me up from the regions below;
2. And He Who gathers what is in the middle, and throws them to me;
3. He Who scattered my enemies, and my adversaries;
4. He Who gave me authority over bonds, that I might loose them;
5. He Who overthrew by my hands the dragon with seven heads, and set me at his roots that I might destroy his seed.
6. Thou wert there and helped me, and in every place Thy Name was round about me.
7. Thy right hand destroyed his wicked venom, and Thy hand levelled the way for those who believe in Thee.
8. And it chose them from the graves, and separated them from the dead.
9. It took dead bones, and covered them with bodies.
10. And they were motionless, and it gave (them) energy for life.
11. Thy way was without destruction and Thy face; [yet] Thou hast brought Thy world to destruction, that everything might be dissolved and renewed,
12. And that the foundation for everything might be Thy rock; and upon it Thou hast built Thy kingdom, and Thou becamest the dwelling-place of the saints. Alleluia.

Ode 23

1. Joy is of the Saints, and who shall put it on but they alone?
2. Grace is of the elect, and who shall receive it but they who trust in it from the beginning?
3. Love is of the elect, and who shall put it on, but those who have possessed it from the beginning?
4. Walk ye in the knowledge of the Most High, and ye shall know the grace of the Lord without grudging, both to His exultation and to the perfection of His knowledge.
5. And His thought was like a letter, and His will descended from on high.
6. And it was sent from a bow like an arrow, which has been violently shot.
7. And many hands rushed to the letter, to seize it and to take it and to read it.
8. And it escaped from their fingers, and they were frightened by it and by the seal that was on it.
9. For it was not permitted to them to loose its seal, for the power that was over the seal was greater than they.
10. But those who saw it went after the letter, that they might know where it would land, and who should read it, and who should hear it.
11. But a wheel received it, and (the letter) came over it.
12. And there was with it a sign, of the kingdom and of the government.
13. And everything which was disturbing to the wheel, it mowed and cut down.
14. And it restrained a multitude of adversaries, and it buried rivers,
15. And crossed over and rooted up many forests, and made a broad way.
16. The head went down to the feet, for down to the feet ran the wheel, and that which had come upon it.
17. The letter was one of command, and hence all regions were gathered together.
18. And there was seen at its head a head which was revealed, even the Son of Truth from the Most High Father.
19. And he inherited and took possession of everything, and then the thought of the many was brought to naught.
20. Then all the seducers were rash and fled, and the persecutors became extinct and were blotted out.
21. And the letter became a large volume, which was entirely written by the finger of God.
22. And the Name of the Father was upon it, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, to rule unto the ages of ages. Alleluia.

Ode 24

1. The Dove flew over the head of our Lord the Messiah, because He was her head.
2. And she sang over Him, and her voice was heard.
3. And the inhabitants were afraid, and the sojourners trembled.
4. The bird began to fly, and every creeping thing died in its hole.
5. And the abysses were opened and closed; and they were seeking for the Lord as those who are about to give birth.
6. And He was not given to them for food, because He was not theirs.
7. And the abysses were submerged in the submersion of the Lord, and they perished in that thought which they had held from the beginning.
8. For they travailed from the beginning, and the end of their travail was life.
9. And all of them who were lacking perished, because they were not able to pronounce the word so that they might exist.
10. And the Lord destroyed the thoughts, of all them that had not the truth with them.
11. For they were lacking in wisdom, they who exalted themselves in their hearts.
12. And they were rejected, because the truth was not with them.
13. For the Lord revealed His way, and spread abroad His grace.
14. And those who understood it know His holiness. Alleluia.

Ode 25

1. I was rescued from my bonds, and unto Thee O my God I fled.
2. For Thou art the right hand of salvation, and my helper.
3. Thou hast restrained those who rise up against me, and they were seen no more.
4. Because Thy face was with me, which saved me by Thy grace.
5. But I was despised and rejected in the eyes of many, and I was in their eyes like lead.
6. And I acquired strength from Thee, and help.
7. Thou didst set me a lamp at my right and at my left, so that there might not be in me anything that is not light.
8. And I was covered with the covering of Thy Spirit, and I removed from me my garments of skin.
9. For Thy right hand lifted me up, and removed sickness from me.
10. And I became mighty in Thy truth, and holy in Thy righteousness.
11. And all those who are against me were afraid of me; and I became the Lord’s by the Name of the Lord.
12. And I was justified by His kindness, and His rest is for ever and ever. Alleluia.

Ode 26

1. I poured out praise to the Lord, for I am His.
2. And I will speak His holy Ode, for my heart is with Him.
3. For His harp is in my hands, and the odes of His rest shall not be silent.
4. I will cry unto Him from my whole heart, I will praise and exalt Him with all my members.
5. For from the East and unto the West, is His glory.
6. And from the South and unto the North is His praise.
7. And from the top of the hills unto their farthest part is His perfection.
8. Who can write the odes of the Lord, or who read them?
9. Or who can train his soul for life, that his soul may be saved?
10. Or who can press upon the Most High, that from His mouth he may speak?
11. Who is able to interpret the wonders of the Lord? For he who interprets would be dissolved, and that which was interpreted will remain.
12. For it suffices to know and to rest, for in the rest the singers stand.
13. Like a river which has an increasingly gushing spring, and flows to the relief of them that seek it. Alleluia.

Ode 27

1. I extended my hands, and I sanctified my Lord.
2 . For the expansion of my hands, is His sign.
3. And my extension, is the upright cross. Alleluia.

Ode 28

1. As the wings of doves over their nestlings, and the mouths of their nestlings towards their mouths, so also are the wings of the Spirit over my heart.
2. My heart is delighted and leaps up, like the babe who leaps up in the womb of his mother.
3. I believed and because of this I was at rest, for faithful is He in whom I have believed.
4. Blessing He has blessed me, and my head is with Him.
5. And the sword shall not divide me from Him, nor the scimitar.
6. For I was ready before destruction came, and I have been set on His immortal wings.
7. And deathless life embraced me, and kissed me.
8. And from that (life) is the Spirit within me, and it cannot die because it is life.
9. Those who saw me were amazed, because I was persecuted.
10. And they thought that I had been swallowed up, for I seemed to them as one of the lost.
11. But my oppression, became my salvation.
12. And I was their scorn, because there was no jealousy in me.
13. Because I did good to every man I was hated.
14. And they surrounded me like mad dogs, who ignorantly attack their masters.
15. For their thought is corrupt, and their mind devious.
16. But I was carrying water in my right hand, and their bitterness I endured by my sweetness.
17. And I did not perish for I was not their brother, nor was my birth like theirs.
18. And they sought for my death and could not (accomplish it), for I was older than their memory, and vainly did they cast lots against me.
19. And those who came after me, sought in vain to destroy the memorial of Him who was before them.
20. For the mind of the Most High cannot be anticipated, and His heart is superior to all wisdom. Alleluia.

Ode 29

1. The Lord is my hope, I shall not be confused in Him.
2. For according to His praise He made me, and according to His goodness even so He gave unto me.
3. And according to His mercies He exalted me, and according to His excellent beauty He lifted me up.
4. And He brought me up out of the depths of Sheol, and from the mouth of death He drew me.
5. And I laid my enemies low, and He justified me by His grace.
6. For I believed in the Lord’s Messiah, and it appeared to me that He is the Lord.
7. And He showed me His sign, and led me in His light,
8. And He gave me the scepter of His power, that I might subdue the thoughts of the Gentiles, and humble the power of the mighty.
9. To make war by His Word, and to take victory by His power.
10. And the Lord overthrew my enemy by His Word, and he became like the stubble which the wind carries away.
11. And I gave praise to the Most High, because He exalted His servant and the son of His handmaid. Alleluia.

Ode 30

1. Fill ye water for yourselves from the living fountain of the Lord, for it has been opened to you.
2. And come all ye thirsty and take a drink, and rest by the fountain of the Lord.
3. For pleasing it is and sparkling, and it gives rest to the soul.
4. For much sweeter is its water than honey, and the honeycomb of bees is not to be compared with it.
5. Because it flowed from the lips of the Lord, and it gave a Name from the heart of the Lord.
6. And it came boundless and invisible, and until it was set in the middle they did not know it.
7. Blessed are they who have drunk therefrom, and rested thereby. Alleluia.

Ode 31

1. The abysses vanished before the Lord, and darkness was destroyed by His appearance.
2. Error erred and perished on account of Him, and Contempt received no path, and it was submerged by the truth of the Lord.
3. He opened His mouth and spoke grace and joy, and He spoke a new song of praise to His Name.
4. And He lifted up His voice to the Most High, and offered to Him those who had become sons through Him.
5. And His face was justified, for thus His Holy Father had given to Him.
6. Come forth ye that have been afflicted, and receive joy.
7. And inherit your souls by grace, and take to you immortal life,
8. And they condemned Me when I rose up, Me who had not been condemned.
9. And they divided My spoil, though nothing was due to them.
10. But I endured and held My peace and was silent, that I might not be moved by them.
11. But I stood unshaken like a firm rock, that is beaten by the waves and endures.
12. And I bore their bitterness because of humility, that I might redeem My people and instruct it.
13. And that I might not make void the promises to the Patriarchs, to whom I was promised for the salvation of their seed. Alleluia.

Ode 32

1. To the blessed the joy is from their heart, and light from Him that dwells in them.
2. And the Word from the Truth Who is from Himself.
3. For He hath been strengthened by the Holy Power of the Most High, and He is unshaken for ever and ever. Alleluia.

Ode 33

1. Grace again ran and left the Corruptor, and came down upon him to bring him to naught.
2. And he made utter destruction from before him, and devastated all his array.
3. And he stood on a lofty summit and cried aloud, from one end of the earth to the other.
4. And he drew to him all those who obeyed him, and he did not appear as the Evil One.
5. But the Perfect Virgin stood, Who was proclaiming and summoning and saying:
6. O ye sons of men return ye, and ye their daughters come.
7. And leave the ways of that Corruptor, and draw near unto Me.
8. And I will enter into you, and bring you forth from destruction, and I will make you wise in the ways of truth.
9. Be not corrupted, nor perish.
10. Hear ye Me and be saved, for the grace of God I am proclaiming in you.
11. And by My means you shall be redeemed and become blessed: I am your judge.
12. And they who have put Me on shall not be falsely accused, but they shall possess incorruption in the new world.
13. My chosen ones have walked in Me, and My ways I will make known to them that seek Me, and I will promise them My Name. Alleluia.

Ode 34

1. There is no hard way where there is a simple heart, nor any barrier where the thoughts are upright.
2. Nor is there any whirlwind in the depth of the illuminated thought.
3. Where one is surrounded on every side by pleasing country, there is nothing divided in him.
4. The likeness of that which is below is that which is above.
5. For everything is above, and below there is nothing, but it is believed to be by those in whom there is no knowledge.
6. Grace has been revealed for your salvation, believe and live and be saved. Alleluia.

Ode 35

1. The fine rain of the Lord overshadowed me in quietness, and it caused a cloud of peace to rise over my head;
2. That it might guard me at all times; and it became salvation to me.
3. Everybody was shaken and affrighted, and there came forth from them smoke and judgement.
4. But I was keeping quiet in the ranks of the Lord; more than shade was He to me, and more than foundation.
5. And I was carried like a child by its mother, and He gave me milk the dew of the Lord.
6. And I grew strong in His gift, and I rested in His perfection.
7. And I spread out my hands in the ascent of my soul, and I directed myself towards the Most High, and I was redeemed with Him. Alleluia.

Ode 36

1. I rested on the Spirit of the Lord, and She raised me on high.
2. And She made me to stand on my feet in the high place of the Lord, before His perfection and His glory, while I was praising (Him) by the composition of His odes.
3. She gave birth to me before the face of the Lord. And although I was a son of man, I was named a luminary a son of God.
4. Because I was glorified among the glorious ones, and great among the great ones.
5. For according to the greatness of the Most High so She made me, and like His newness He renewed me.
6. And He anointed me from His own perfection, and I became one of His near ones.
7. And my mouth was opened like a cloud of dew, and my heart gushed out a gush of righteousness.
8. And my approach was in peace, and I was established in the Spirit of Providence. Alleluia.

Ode 37

1. I stretched out my hands to the Lord, and to the Most High I lifted my voice.
2. And I spoke with the lips of my heart, and He heard me when my voice reached Him.
3. His Word came to me, that which gave me the fruits of my labors;
4. And gave me rest by the grace of the Lord. Alleluia.

Ode 38

1. I went up into the Light of Truth as into a chariot, and the Truth led me and caused me to come.
2. And it carried me across hollows and gulfs, and from the cliffs and gullies it preserved me.
3. And it became to me a Haven of Salvation, and set me on the step of deathless life.
4. And He went with me and made me rest and suffered me not to err, because He was and is the Truth.
5. And there was no danger for me because I walked with Him, and I made no error in anything because I obeyed Him.
6. For Error fled away from Him, and would not meet Him.
7. But Truth was proceeding in the right way, and whatever I did not know He made clear to me.
8. All the drugs of Error, and the torments of death which are considered sweetness.
9. And the corrupting of the Corruptor, I saw when the Bride who was corrupting was adorned, and the Bridegroom who corrupts and is corrupted.
10. And I asked the Truth: Who are these? and He said to me: This is the Deceiver and the Error:
11. And they imitate the Beloved and His Bride, and they lead astray the world and corrupt it.
12. And they invite many to the Banquet, and give them to drink of the wine of their intoxication.
13. And they make them vomit up their wisdom and intelligence, and they make them mindless.
14. And then they leave them, and so these go about like madmen and corrupt.
15. For they are without heart, and do not seek it.
16. And I was made wise so as not to fall into the hands of the Deceiver, and I congratulated myself that the Truth had gone with me.
17. And I was established and lived and was redeemed, and my foundations were laid on account of the Lord’s hand, for He planted me.
18. For He set the root, and watered it and endowed it and blessed it, and its fruits will be for ever.
19. It struck deep and sprang up and spread wide, and it was full and was enlarged.
19. And the Lord alone was glorified, in His planting and in his cultivation;
20. In His care and in the blessing of His lips, in the beautiful planting of His right hand;
21. And in the splendor of His planting, and in the understanding of His mind. Alleluia.

Ode 39

1. Mighty rivers are the power of the Lord, which carry headlong those that despise Him.
2. And entangle their paths, and destroy their fords:
3. And seize their bodies, and corrupt their souls.
4. For they are more swift than lightning, and more rapid.
5. But those who cross them in faith, shall not be moved.
6. And those who walk on them without blemish, shall not be afraid.
7. For the sign in them is the Lord, and the sign is the way of those who cross in the Name of the Lord.
8. Put on therefore the Name of the Most High and know Him, and you shall cross without danger, because the rivers shall be subject to you.
9. The Lord has bridged them by His word, and He walked and crossed them on foot.
10. And His footsteps stand (firm) on the waters and were not erased; they are as a beam that is firmly fixed.
11. And the waves were lifted up on this side and on that, but the footsteps of our Lord Messiah stand (firm).
12. And they are not obliterated, nor are they destroyed.
13. And a way has been appointed for those who cross after Him, and for those who adhere to the course of His faith, and worship His Name. Alleluia.

Ode 40

1. As honey drips from the comb of bees, and the milk flows from the woman that loves her children, so also is my hope on Thee O my God.
2. As a fountain gushes forth its water, so my heart gushes out the praise of the Lord, and my lips utter praises to Him.
3. And my tongue is sweet in His intimate converse, and my members are anointed by His Odes.
4. And my face rejoices in His exultation, and my spirit exults in His love, and my soul shines in Him.
5. And he who is afraid shall trust in Him, and redemption shall in Him be assured.
6. And his gain is immortal life, and those who receive it are incorruptible. Alleluia.

Ode 41

1. Let all the Lord’s infants praise Him, and let them receive the truth of His faith.
2. And His children shall be acknowledged by Him; therefore let us sing in His love.
3. We live in the Lord by His grace, and life we receive in His Messiah.
4. For a great day has shined upon us and wondrous is He Who hath given us of His glory.
5. Let us therefore all of us unite together in the Name of the Lord, and let us honor Him with its goodness.
6. And our faces will shine in His light, and our hearts will meditate in His love, by night and by day.
7. Let us exult with the exultation of the Lord.
8. All those that see me will be astonished, for from another race am I.
9. For the Father of Truth remembered me, He who possessed me from the beginning.
10. For his riches gave birth to me, and the thought of His heart.
11. And His Word is with us in all our way, the Savior Who makes alive and does not reject our souls.
12. The Man who humbled himself, and was exalted by His own righteousness.
13. The Son of the Most High appeared, in the perfection of His Father.
14. And light dawned from the Word, that was of old in Him.
15. The Messiah in truth is one; and He was known before the foundations of the world, that He might enliven souls for ever by the truth of His Name:
16. A new song to the Lord from them that love Him. Alleluia.

Ode 42

1. I stretched out my hands and approached my Lord, for the stretching out of my hands is His sign.
2. And my expansion is the upright Cross, that was lifted up on the way of the Righteous One.
3. And I became of no use to those who knew Me (not), for I shall hide Myself from those who did not take hold of Me.
4. But I will be with those, who love Me.
5. All My persecutors have died, and they who trusted in Me sought Me because I am living.
6. And I rose up and am with them, and I will speak by their mouths.
7. For they have rejected those who persecute them; and I threw over them the yoke of my love.
8. Like the arm of the bridegroom over the bride, so is my yoke over those that know me.
9. And as the couch that is spread in the chambers of the bridegroom and the bride, so is my love over those that believe in me.
10. I was not rejected though I was considered to be so, and I did not perish though they thought it of Me.
11. Sheol saw Me and was shattered, Death cast Me up and many along with Me.
12. I have been gall and bitterness to it, and I went down with it to the extreme of its depth.
13. And the feet and the head it let go, for it was not able to endure My face.
14. And I made a congregation of living men among his dead, and I spoke with them with living lips, in order that my word may not be void.
15. And those who had died ran towards Me, and they cried out and said Son of God have pity on us.
16. And do with us according to Thy kindness, and bring us out from the bonds of darkness.
17. And open to us the door, by which we shall come out to Thee, for we perceive that our death does not touch Thee.
18. Let us also be saved with Thee, for Thou art our Savior.
19. Then I heard their voice, and I placed their faith in My heart.
20. And I set My Name upon their heads, for they are free men and they are Mine. Alleluia.

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