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Questions on Cosmology, Evolution, and Avatars

Jesus and the Virgin Mary seated – evolved from Adam and Eve

Q: We read in your books that Jesus and Mother Mary are the reincarnated Adam and Eve. Due to the fall of Adam and Eve, the door to heaven was closed. “No one escaped the effect of Adam’s disobedience!” Jesus and Mary paid back their karmic debt 2000 years ago and reopened the door to heaven. So, if all humans were trapped after Adam and Eve, how could Jesus and Mary get enlightenment?

“Heaven” means the entire range of astral and causal worlds above the earth plane. Jesus and Mary, Adam and Eve, were banished from Paradise, the next (astral) world up from the earth. There are many streams of evolution in relative creation, and Paradise was the next level for the evolution of human beings.

Entrance to Paradise was temporarily blocked, but those who were ready for Paradise entered an intermediate level created for them by the Creator Mothers when they made the human physical bodies for Adam and Eve to inhabit. It was a place of blessedness, of peace and light, where those who had evolved beyond human consciousness remained until Paradise would be reopened.

By our standards it was heavenly, and they experienced no discontent, being made aware by the Mothers that Paradise would eventually be opened to them. Being beyond the experience of earthly time, they simply lived in light and peace, contentedly awaiting the reopening of Paradise.

Did no other humans get enlightenment before Jesus came on earth?

Certainly people evolved beyond the need for earthly life, and they entered the realm I have just described. And evolved there.

What about Krishna and Buddha?

Buddha and Krishna - evolved beyond need for rebirth

Krishna and Buddha were great siddhas that had evolved to that level before the creation cycle in which Adam and Eve lived. They descended to earth to inspire and teach human beings to evolve to the level beyond earthly evolution. They called them to the life in the world provided by the Creator Mothers (Matrikas) beyond compulsory rebirth and earthly illusion. It was a blessed experience, and in those realms millions of years seem like only moments. So they in no way felt trapped–only waiting with the assurance that they would move on at the right time.

Such avatars as Krishna and Buddha can enter any world beyond the earth plane they wish to manifest in for the spiritual benefit of others. Those from higher worlds came into the earth plane to assist in the growth of those developed enough to consciously begin evolving themselves. But consider the world today: who is striving for higher life and consciousness? So it was not a matter of people being trapped, for the intermediate world had been created for them. But how many on the earth evolved themselves enough to go there? The Mothers knew what they were doing.

In your book Robe of Light, speaking about cosmology, you mention a Divine outbreathing of new souls at the beginning of each creation cycle. In your cosmology you speak of cyclic creations where new souls are descending into matter. So the animals of today are the ascending jivas from the creation cycle, that follows our previous creation cycle where we became humans.

All jivas incarnate in many creation cycles. Every sentient being, and potentially sentient beings such as plants, evolve through a great number of creation cycles before attaining total liberation. Remember that all the higher worlds beyond this one are also subject to the cycles of creation, though some of the highest worlds do not always dissolve at the end of all cycles, but in the Maha Pralaya every single world does dissolve.

In India we learned from Swami N. that all beings were created simultaneously from the very beginning.

All jivas have existed from eternity. There has never been a beginning and there will never be an end. “Creation” has never occurred. Only manifestation of what has always been.

What about a descending evolution, where humans reincarnate as an animal or even as a plant? Is it possible that some souls need to start over all again from gas to mineral, to plant?

There is indeed a process of devolution when negativity has dissolved much or all that was positive. And if the negativity is total, the jiva can go back to the beginning and start over.

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